Internet Marketing, SEO & Web Design for Photographers

Even though the economy keeps growing, wages do not, so people are still turning to the online arena in droves as a way to make money for themselves. At the least, they would like a second income, but many would in fact like some financial freedom. Even with all the economic upheaval of the last decade, the Internet continues to grow and expand, making it look like a promising place to make money, but how hard or easy is it? With Google doing changes to its core algorithm a few times a year, with changes as recently as five months ago, it leaves many wondering what is the current state of Internet marketing and SEO?

The simple truth is that Internet marketing and search engine optimization are alive and well. However, they are also a bit more complicated than ever page seo and on page seo

Some basics still hold true though. You need a product or service that people want, a website through which you offer it, a good domain name, and backlinks that point to your site.

Backlinks though are one thing that have changed a lot. It used to be you could just run up thousands of links on blog networks to run up your backlink count, because quantity mattered more than quality. That’s significantly changed though, as the page rank, relevance, and diversity of sites that backlinks come from now matters.

You also need to do on-site optimization in your webpages more than ever before. There’s a long list of technical elements that Google and other search engines now look for. Make sure your site incorporates them. If you want to get complete details on on-site and off-site optimization for your website then you can visit Calgary SEO – Best SEO Expert website or visit their Behance Portfolio Website at Best SEO Expert Company.

If local search matters at all to your business, then you have advantages but also work to do. You have to optimize for local searching just as much as general searching, and your online content has to be accessible from smartphones and tablets, otherwise you’re missing out on most local search traffic. Given that mobile use accounts for over half of the growth of new Internet devices connecting to the Web, this appears to be the near future of online business. If you want to get local search engine optimization done for your business then visit or visit their Vimeo profile at Calgary SEO Expert.

If you choose to start a website or online money-making effort, do so with the faith and optimism that success and profit are still possible. However, always keep your ears and eyes open to the current state of Internet marketing/SEO so you can know what to do and what not to do.